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We offer financial services in the form of leasing and instalment plans for all Apple devices and appropriate peripherals. All financial services can be adjusted to your individual needs regarding down payment, instalment rate, and duration. Just ask for a no obligation quote on your next purchase request.

Based on customer requests we want to give you some short information concerning financial services:

Leasing (also referred to as hire-purchase) is probably only attractive for business clients, because you can claim the monthly instalment as tax exempts (no amortization needed) and you have a variety of options on the expiration of the leasing contract: a) you return all leased devices, b) you purchase all leased devices for a reasonable final instalment (as a rule 3-4% of the cost prize), or c) you replace devices with new ones within a consecutive leasing contract. This allows you to be flexible and use state-of-the-art technology while simultaneously optimizing your investments.

Instalment plans are viable options for consumer and business clients, because you achieve ownership of the purchased devices with payment of the final instalment, and you get a valid invoice which allows for amortization over several years.




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