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PokerCaster is the control and image generating system for poker games. The latest hardware and software technology leads to a professional TV and broadcasting solution for RFID Poker Tables.

Webcams can provide good images very cheaply, but there's no substitute for professional high quality equipment to go through the whole workflow of high quality live shows and post productions. That's why PokerCaster is a complete UltraHD graphic processor, broadcast and recording system.

Main objectives:

  • control of RFID Poker Table
  • generating poker graphics
  • TV production (video and audio mixer, transitions, titles, etc.)
  • recording


The master key for all TV systems is a reliable base of hardware. Researches over several years brought up the perfect foundation for all needs. The modular system is stable, performant, robust and extensible.

The configuration starts with five full HD video inputs (SDI/HDMI connectors) and can be extended to nine Ultra HD 4K (SDI connectors) feeds.
The build in audio mixer uses each video input and handles external connections for generating a master out.


PokerCaster is a masterpiece of software engineering for creating realtime crystal clear poker graphics in full HD and Ultra HD (4K).
You can select from a wide range of predefined themes (skins) and graphics or create your own individual layouts. Every object from cards to fonts can be replaced or altered in type and size.
The software can be run in three different modes: manual, semi-automatic and full automatic.

Supported type of Games:

RFID features:

  • recognition of RFID poker cards
  • recognition of RFID dealer button
  • recognition of RFID poker chips
  • "Fold" detection

Graphic features:

More features:

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