This is the most important part of our system.

In addition to being a full-fledged Tournament Manager, the software collects, stores and analyzes all data that is being provided by the RFID antennas and readers, and controls the HUD and camera feed. With it's integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI) it is able to control and run the entire game and broadcast without the need of an Operator. We support up to 11 players per table and the software can run multiple tables simultaneously. The software can run in one of three modes:

  1. Operator-controlled (one or more Operators are needed to control the HUD and camera feed.
  2. Semi-automatic (the software automatically displays the card values and Dealer Button, all other information is operator controlled.
  3. Automatic mode (the software controls and displays everything without the need of an Operator).

In Automatic mode the integrated Artificial Intelligence interprets the collected data and decides which information to display and which camera angle to use. Because the AI has to analyze and interpret all the data, there is aproximately a 1-2 second delay before information is displayed in the HUD. The HUD displays crystal clear Hi-Res graphics which are highly configurable.

You can change the font set and size, the graphics, and you can insert your own logo and advertising banners. You can configure which information should be displayed. The HUD normally includes hands, dealer board, bets, pot, and the realtime calculation (not table based calculation) of winning chances and the probability of a pot split.

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