2 Quick Start

After downloading Casino Poker Manager from the Mac App Store run the software for the first steps to an organized tournament.

After application did finish lauching the Welcome Window will show up.Welcome to CPM WindowThe window should look like this. On the left side you'll find a button <Create a new Location>. To get your first tournament running click it.

The welcome screen will desapear and two new windows will be displayed. You'll be directed to the Location Window and the focus is set to the field 'Name'.Loaction Window for a new location.Enter the name of your location e.g. "My Poker Room" and close the window. No further settings are necessary.

The second window is the most important one, it's the Manager Window. Alle tournaments and games are configured here.

Manager Window with a new created tournament

On the left side you'll see a list of tournaments. If you are a private user using the home edition of Casino Poker Manager you'll see only one tournament listed. The line is already selected and you can find the tournament settings on the right side of the Manager Window.

If you just have a number of players participating in the tournament you can enter the number of entries or use the stepper to increase or decrease the number.

If you want to register players by name deselect "Registration without names" on the right side of the Manager Window.

Registration of players without names

Now select <BuyIn> on the right side to enter Start Stack and BuyIn. Enter StartUp Chips (e.g. 10,000) and the $-Costs (e.g. 100).

Manager Window BuyIn and enty configuration

At the bottom of the left side you'll find the tournament control buttons.

It's like a tape recorder control. The active status moves from left to right. The default status is "Initiation", here you can set up the tournament parameters. For details see Tournament Control.

Click the <Registration> button to set the sign up status.

Now you are ready to display the tournament to the players. Select the tournament you want to display if it's not already highlighted and click the <Display> button. The Registration View will show up and will cover nearly the whole main screen. If you have a second display attached to your computer the Registration View will be displayed on the second screen. For details displaying different views see topic Window Screens.

Display the selected tournament

 The keys <cmd>-<Return> will move the Manager Window to the front. If you have the whole screen covered press <cmd>-<alt>-<Return> to release the screen.

Create players and register them to the turnament. Open the Window Players by pressing <cmd>-<p>.

Click the <New Player> button and enter the name, firstname and nickname. Repeat it until you have all the players created.

To register all the entered players to the tournament just select them all by pressing <cmd>-<a> and then click the <Register> button at the bottom.

Players Window register players to a tournament

If you still diplay the Registration View you'll see the values for Entries and Players changed.



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