RFID Security

Well, no system is 100% secure, but we are taking several measures to get as close to a 100% secure system as possible:

  • Our RFID tags are password protected and use 128-bit AES encryption, and are equipped with unique IDs.
  • We don't use standard or ISO RFID systems. Devices using Near Field Communication (NFC) like cell phones are not compatible with our protocols. The 13.56MHz technology is based on our Item Tracking System (ITS) with Phase Jitter Detection (PJD) for stackable tags.
  • Our cards have a non-markable surface, that means it is impossible to attach, for example, a barcode to the cards to read them by optical means.
  • The RFID component of our system only works in conjunction with our PokerCaster software, which includes a RFID tag database that stores the IDs of every RFID tag used. Therefore you can, for example, fool any „Cheater“ by programming the cards with false car values, because only our software is able to identify the real card value. Furthermore any unauthorized RFID tag can be identified almost instantly.
  • One important feature of RFID systems is the power supply of the tag. Passive tags do not possess an on-board power source. They are passively powered by the electro-magnetic waves from the reader which restricts the computing power and limits the read and write range.
  • Our software only runs on Apple systems (Mac OS and iOS), which are among the most secure PC and Mobile platforms in the world. The distribution of the software is done exclusively over the Mac App Store and iOS App Store, which adds to the overall security.
  • We donʻt use Wi-Fi for data transfers, we rely solely on cable connections.
  • Because we donʻt use Wi-Fi, you can equip each table with frequency disruptors to prevent the use of Mobile Phones and other wireless devices.
  • RFID playings cards are produced, programmed and tested in our factory in Germnay.

To sum up, as we are dealing with digital information, there is always the possiblity that someone can intercept and change the data, but with our system the only possible weak spot for manipulation would be in the „Operator Room“.

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