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Broadcasting an entire Poker or other game to local displays or even a wider audience via TV Broadcast takes quite an effort. Cameras alone can't catch all the action or simply can't show cards that are face down. Furthermore you need operators that put in the needed information (card values, bets etc.) into a HUD system and to control the camera feed.

Our goal in developing our RFID Poker Table and Broadcast System was the simplification of that process. The use of RFID technology and a state-of-the-art software with integrated AI gives you the most effective TV Broadcast System for Poker Games on the market.

The sales and distribution of this system incl. all components (cards, chips, RFID reader and antennas, software, video cameras, as well as table cloths and tables) is conducted by us directly. Because of the wide range of possible configurations and applications we can only realize detailed quotations when we have received comprehensive specifications by the customer. Feel free to contact us at any time.


This system is primarily designed as a TV Broadcast System which is typically used for Featured Tables or TV Broadcasts of Poker games. This system could also be used in Poker Schools, because you can record and playback every game to analyze player mistakes and strategies.
We are currently working on integrating our RFID System with Online Poker systems and we are evaluating the support for Black Jack and other game types.

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