Realtime Calculated Winning Chances

One of the most important features is to show the winning chances for the different hands. Poker players are always interested in the percentages to enhance their assessment of hands.

Usually poker software uses a table based lookup to determine the percentage. PokerCaster uses realtime calculation to get the accurate values. The advantage is, that the software always calculates the split pot probability and can determine the number of winning hands.

Options can set up the appearance of the winning chances:

  • Activate or deactivate the calculation at any time
  • Distinguish between PreFlop and PostFop calculation. Sometimes it's a little confusing for viewers if the display changes very often. Especially PreFlop when players fold their hands, the values change on every new situation. PreFlop calculation can be suppressed
  • Show the split chances if there are any
  • Mucked cards can be included. Sometimes it makes sense to include folded cards, to get the real winning chances. The RFID Poker Tables knows the folded hole cards, due to fast and reliable recognition, even the cards are not displayed. Including the mucked cards will decrease the number of outs

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